Saturday, March 12, 2016

Regatta Workshop Your Way

In the latest seasonal mini catalog, Close to My Heart has released a new type of scrapbooking workshop - Workshops Your Way.  Each workshop comes with 12 sheets of double-sided paper, extra cardstock as needed, a pack of complements (stickers and die-cuts that coordinate with the paper), and either a roll of ribbon or washi tape. 

There are 3 different lines: Charlotte, Penelope & Regatta.  On Friday, April 1st, you'll have a chance to come create the scrapbooking layouts from the Regatta Workshop Your Way (WYW).  This image shows everything that is included in the Regatta WYW!
CTMH provides instructions to complete 3 double page layouts (that is 6 pages total). The first layout is a fun "Adventure" themed layout.
 Below is my version of the Layout - I mostly tried to stay true to the original.
This is a close-up of some of the fun embellishments (and that cute seagull paper).  The white ribbon with the gold stripe is beautiful!!! 
I sometimes have a hard time narrowing down my pictures to the required amount.  Flip-flaps (not included in the workshop kit) are a great way to add more pictures without taking up more space!!  This page went from holding 3 photos to holding 7!!
The second layout is a bright and playful one featuring an explore theme.
 My take on the layout - I slightly adjusted the left layout to provide room for one more picture. 
Close-up of the title card with a few of the embellishments!

 The third layout uses the Flaxen patterned paper as a base for the "Happy Place" theme. 
I swapped out a few of the picture sizes to incorporate more pictures, but otherwise stayed true to the original.
 Another close-up of the embellishments - and isn't that wave paper so cool!!
I threw in another flip-flap here to increase my picture total even more!  Here you can see the before and after!
I challenged myself to come up with a 4th layout using the leftover supplies.  By adding only one sheet of daisy white cardstock, this is the layout I created.
 Close-up of the embellishments and title for this layout!
Even after that, I still have all of this leftover!  These may find their way into either another layout or a few cards!
If you're interested in making 8 scrapbooking pages featuring the Regatta suite, order yours now!  The cost of the Regatta WYW is $26.95 - and this includes everything you need (minus one 12 x12 white cardstock) to create these 4 double page layouts! 

If you aren't able to attend the April 1st workshop in Gainesville, VA, you can order your Regatta Workshop Your Way here and have it shipped directly to you.  All you will need is a 12 x 12 piece of white cardstock, and basic scrapbooking supplies (paper trimmer, adhesive, scissors).  You will receive digital directions on how to cut and assemble all 4 layouts.

If you're interested in attending the workshop in person on April 1st at 7pm in Gainesville, VA, please register below.  The total to register for the April 1st workshop (including tax and shipping) is $30.  All materials (including a free sheet of white cardstock) and instructions will be waiting as you arrive.  Light refreshments will be provided as well.  All you need to bring is your paper trimmer, adhesive and scissors.  The registration deadline is March 20th.

If you're interested in adding more photos to your layouts, individual flip-flaps will be available for purchase at the workshop.

E-mail me with any questions!

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