Monday, February 3, 2014

February Specials - What Does The Fox Say?

 In case you aren't aware, foxes are all the rage right now.  It's the chicken or the egg dilemma for me - is the fox popular because of the "What Does The Fox Say?" song, or was the song made because foxes were becoming popular?  Either way, other than my kids singing the song....repeatedly, I haven't been too much into the fox craze.  Then I received my new CTMH catalog and saw the melt-your-heart February Stamp of the Month Set - all about foxes!  I may just be a fox fan after all! 
If you aren't familiar with the Stamp of the Month program, CTMH releases a new stamp that is only available for one month!  You can purchase the set at full price ($17.95) OR, if you place a $50 qualifying order, you can purchase the set for only $5.
The other CTMH February special is for the new embossing folders.  I've mentioned before that these are one of my favorites from the new catalog. Embossing adds dimension and texture to an otherwise plain piece of paper!  For every 2 packs of cardstock that you purchase, you receive one embossing folder for free!  There are 5 different folders - so now seems like a great time to stock up on cardstock!!!!

Visit my site to get your fox stamp set and or embossing folders today!

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